We take beauty personally!

For us, it is personal. Our family-owned business will work with you to build yours. We are committed to helping you develop the tools you need to grow a healthy bottom line, perfect your craft and deliver results that delight each and every client.

Curating Beauty Brands

We only offer brands that have Legendary Standards of Excellence. Because they were founded by industry icons in their fields of expertise, Beth Minardi Signature Color and Peter Coppola Beauty provide systematically excellent results due to the exacting standards of the formulation design and development.

Developing An Advantage

We believe in working together and sharing knowledge. Experts that know the salon business inside and out as Stylists, Educators, Salon Owners and Brand Founders will help you forge ahead in today's competitive beauty climate by sharing their experience, technical knowledge and global view.

Mindful Beauty

We are most mindful of making sure your clients see results with the way our products compliment your coloring, cutting and styling skills. We have brands that make stylists look good in the chair and at home.

The Modern Beauty Paradigm

Every stylist is their own CEO. They need lines that deliver repeat-business-results and provide financial nimbleness. Personal provides what you need, when you need it with quick deliveries and no minimums.